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Carbona® Super White™ combines the convenience of a laundry sheet with the bleach free whitening power of OptiBright Technology to safely maintain white laundry.

Over time, white laundry can turn yellow or gray from wash water reside or exposure to chlorine bleach.  Super White with OptiBright Technology, with its advanced optical brighteners, keeps laundry white, wash after wash.


No splashing, no dosing, and no bad odor

For use with all white or patterned white laundry

For use in any washer type

For use in hot or cold water temperature

Product Size - 20 In-Wash Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use Super White as an alternative to bleach or other laundry whiteners?

    Yes! Super White can be a replacement for other laundry whiteners, including chlorine bleach.

  2. Can I use Super White on textiles that are not completely white?

    Yes!  Since Super White is bleach free it will not harm colors when used as directed.  As always,  be sure to read the directions and important information before use.

  3. The Super White sheets appear to be slightly yellow. Is this OK?

    Yes!  The active ingredient bound on the sheets makes them appear yellow before use.  During the wash cycle these components are dissolved entirely.

  4. What is OptiBright Technology?

    OptiBright Technology is the proprietary combination of bleach free ingredients that maintains laundry whiteness wash after wash.


Stain Removal Tips

  1. For optimal performance, it is recommended to use Super White for every white load since the product is designed to maintain laundry whiteness wash after wash.

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