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Did that red sock make it into your load of whites? No problem. Add Color Run Remover in your wash to remove dye and streaks from mixed-wash accidents.

Product Size - 2.6 Oz (75 g)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Carbona® Color Run Remover be used on colored clothing?

    Yes, if the clothing is colorfast (the dye correctly set in the fabric by the manufacturer). You must first perform the colorfast test as directed on the package.

  2. I have a full wash load of garments - is 1 box enough?

    For a full wash load we recommend using 3 packs of Color Run Remover.

  3. If I have 3 different colored garments with unwanted dye on them, can I put them all together in with Carbona® Color Run Remover? 

    Yes, as long as all the garments are colorfast. You must first perform the colorfast test as directed on the package.

  4. Can I use Carbona® Color Run Remover on something that bled into itself?

    No. When a garment bleeds, it is not colorfast. This product is only for colorfast fabrics.

  5. How do you know if a garment is colorfast?

    Perform the colorfast test as directed on the package. If you are still unsure how to proceed, please contact us at 866-CARBONA.

  6. Can Carbona® Color Run Remover be used on "dry clean only" garments?

    No. Carbona® Color Run Remover needs to be mixed with water and a “dry clean only” garment should not be submerged in water.

  7. Can I use Carbona® Color Run Remover with bleach?


  8. Can I soak only the area where the unwanted dye is?

    The recommended usage of Color Run Remover is to soak the entire garment, but if you want to try this method, proceed with caution.

  9. What if the garment says wash in cold water?

    Carbona® Color Run Remover says to use the hottest water permitted by the fabric care guidelines. So if the garment label says cold water, then the garment needs to be soaked in cold water.

  10. After soaking a garment in Carbona® Color Run Remover, do you have to rinse and wash the garment?

    Yes, all products need to be rinsed out with water and then washed with detergent.

  11. Is Carbona® Color Run Remover safe for septic tanks?

    It is not harmful to the tank if it is not being used frequently.

  12. Will Carbona® Color Run Remover remove stains like crayon, rust, ink and fruit juice?

    Carbona® Color Run Remover removes unwanted dyes. For stains such as crayon, rust, ink, fruit juice, etc., we recommend using Carbona® Stain Devils.


Stain Removal Tips

  1. Use Color Run Remover to brighten your whites that have become dingy from dye absorbed from other garments.

  2. Do not use on silk, denim, khaki, synthetic fabrics, leather, suede, vinyl or any garment that has bled onto itself.


  4. Once this product is opened it should be used or discarded.

Reviews (36)


  1. Author:
    Title of Review:

    I’ve used your products for years and there is NOTHING better on the shelves or online for getting stains out of things. Recently I found a new product of yours (at least to me, it was new) called “Color Run Remover”. I purchased it only because everything you make works just like it says it will and to have it in my laundry “just in case”. Well, today was that day. I had washed a new blue t-shirt with my light colored things, thinking is was pretty expensive, it shouldn’t run. But you guessed it, it did. My entire wash load turned blue (the yellows were now lime green…yikes). So I used you product (noted above) and IT WORKED…I’m so excited. Everything came out perfect and back to the original colors!! How do you do it????? Why are you the only company out there selling such wonderful products…’s amazing and I just had to tell how happy I am. I’ve told all my friends about your little yellow bottles of stain removers for years…….now I have a new product to boast about. Thank you so much for removing the “blue” from my day!!!

  2. Author:
    Title of Review:

    I bought this product when I was moving my daughter into her apartment for college in NY and brought it home with me. I didn’t have a lot of hope because the clothes that the color ran onto had gone through the dryer and just sat in my closet for months afterward. To my amazement your product worked within minutes. Unbelievable!!! Now I want to buy more and can’t find it in my local supermarket, so I am stocking up on line. Awesome product!

  3. Author:
    Title of Review:

    This product saved me at least $30 right off the bat by salvaging some of my daughters clothes. I’ve found it cheapest at Walmart for $1.97. It took about 2 hrs of soaking to completely remove the unwanted color so have patience and time. Also, I highly recommend doing the colorfast spot-test first – as long as you follow the box instructions I doubt you’ll be disappointed!

  4. Author:
    Title of Review:

    I saw an article on this product in my Goodhousekeeping magazine and decided to try it because I had color run stains on my favorite jacket and didn’t think there was any hope for it. I used the product and it took ALL of them out and the jacket looks great!!! Thank you so much for your product and I will be recommending it.

  5. Author:
    Title of Review:

    This is the best product ever. Been using it for years. Changed to a front loading washing machine and haven’t found anything that will work for accidents so have been using a bucket to soak prior to dumping the whole thing into the wash. Works better than anything out there.

  6. Author:
    Title of Review:

    I wished the directions read in plain English that you should only soak item needing attention and not meant for entire load or not suggested to be put on washing machine. Will bleach or distort color clothes if put in with wash.

  7. Author:
    Title of Review:

    I have had a box of this for years and forgot all about it until: I washed clothes today and too late discovered a red twist-tie that was inadvertantly left in a pocket had left red dye on my and my husbands (his favorite) beige shorts. So I tried Shout, Clorox, detergent, and something guaranteed to “grab colors”and remove them. None worked. I found this old box of Carbona, mixed it as directed, and within 10 minutes the red was gone from the shorts. It did scare me that the clothes also looked very green, but that washed right out. Have been unable to find your product in the store so I will now order online. It is that Good! (Although I hope I won’t have to use it, but I am well prepared).

  8. Author:
    Title of Review:

    The day after the baby shower for my daughter (due soon!) I was anxious to get all those precious new clothes washed and squared away for her arrival. I read all the care tags, seperated lights and darks and went to town on her laundry. One terrible red romper stained nearly every item in its load! I freaked out then called my mom. She suggested this product. As usual she was absolutely right as it saved every affected item. Thanks Carbona!

  9. Author:
    Title of Review:

    Thank you so much for making such an effective and affordable product! Sunday was the baby shower for my new daughter due soon. Yesterday I washed all the adorable new clothes and one terrbile red romper stained every item. Today I washed the affected pieces with your color run remover and am SO happy with the results! All the clothes were saved and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks again!

  10. Author:
    Title of Review:

    My grocery store used to stock this and for some reason they stopped so now I’m ordering on line. This has saved so many of my clothes that would have otherwise been ruined! I LOVE it. It is truly the best stuff EVER!

  11. Author:
    Title of Review:

    Hi there, so I just have to tell you, I LOVE your products! I was recently visiting my family in the States and had some colour run onto a brand new sweatshirt, yikes! So I ran to Walmart hoping to find something to fix it, and there I found your Color-Run remover powder. I used it and wow, what results! I’ve never seen anything work this well before! We’re home now, back in Ontario. So, I was just wondering, is your product available in Canada?? Thanks! Ashley

  12. Author:
    Title of Review:

    I bought a striped cotton dress for a friend’s wedding and hand washed it in cold water, like the label said. Wouldn’t you know it, the dye ran and turned the whole thing a dingy purple. Carbona CRR removed all the excess dye from the white parts of the dress and didn’t harm the stripes! I will sing this product’s praises forever! Thank you!

  13. Author:
    Title of Review:

    I ususally do not write reviews but I have to tell you that your Color Run Remover works! My boyfiend washed his favorite shirt & two pairs of shorts he bought in Hawaii (all light colors) in with my red sweater and his clothes came out of the washing machine with red stains ALL over them. I looked at several stain remover products at the store and decided to buy your Color Run Remover and by gosh the clothes are now stain free and look better than ever. Thank you so much…now he does not have to disgard them!

  14. Author:
    Title of Review:

    Thank you so much for having this product in the marketplace! I purchased a new white shirt for my son’s Christmas outfit…the first time I washed it, it got a red color run all over the sleeves. I was devastated that he wouldn’t even be able to wear it once! On a rush to the store to find bleach or something to get the red stain out – I found your Color Run Remover – As soon as I placed the shirt in the water, the red dye came out immediately! I am so impressed – I will definitely be a lifelong customer! And I will certainly have at least one on hand for emergencies! Thank you again!

  15. Author:
    Title of Review:

    My daughter borrowed a yellow dress from a friend and wore a non color fast purple shrug over it, resulting in dark purple dye stains around the arm holes and across the back of the dress. I tried oxy clean, and a home dry cleaning kit with no luck. I had some of your other stain removal bottles but not one for dyes. So I went to your website, found your Color Run Remover, bought it, soaked the dress and within one hour of soaking the stains were COMPLETELY gone. I am amazed and grateful because now my daughter does not have to buy her friend a new dress!!

  16. Author:
    Title of Review:

    I just wanted to thank you for creating such an amazing product! I”m so thrilled with the results, that I just had to write this. My husband left 2 red ticket stubs in the chest pocket of his brand new baby blue & white plaid western shirt. I only knew this because when I went to hang the clothes up after they were dried I saw that his brand new shirt had a hideous red pocket now. I ‘ve never checked shirt pockets before washing them, so I guarantee I will from now on.
    After researching online, & learning about your product & it’s success rate, I went on a mission to locate Carbona Color Run Remover. I checked with all of the local big box craft & fabric stores with no luck. A woman at the fabric counter suggested I check WalMart. Mission accomplished! They carried the whole line of Carbona stain removing products in the laundry products aisle. Last night I followed the directions on the box. I filled a large bucket with hot water, immersed the shirt, (which I will mention turned from light blue to bright purple while in the solution, but when removed from the solution it returned to it’s original color – fascinating), & stirred occasionally. Once it appeared that the bright red pocket was gone & back to its original color I rinsed the shirt & promptly put it into the washing machine. I wish I had taken a before & after photo of this process. The results were truly amazing! The red stain is 99% gone & my husband’s new shirt is totally wearable again! Your product made a believer out of me & I will always keep a supply of this “little miracle in a box” on hand. I must say that due to the fact the color run was bright red & it had gone through the dryer, I truly didn’t have much hope. Your Color Run Remover has made a true believer out of me!
    PS I had another red color run incident (hand washed a white shirt of mine with red embroidery) 2 weeks prior to this incident & I had 100% success with that shirt ( maybe due to the fact it didn’t go through the dryer).
    Thanks a million Carbona for providing the “laundry challenged” with a line of sure to cure products!!!!

  17. Author:
    Title of Review:

    I washed my husbands colored clothes with a red shirt and the red bled on all of the clothes. He was very upset because these clothes fit him so well. I tried oxy clean, Tide stain remover, and other products. Nothing worked and I almost gave up until I came across Carbona when I did a google search. I did have to soak the clothes for about 2 hours but it got the pink out of the clothes. I am so happy this worked and so is my husband. I am definately going to buy more to stock up in case it happens again.

  18. Author:
    Title of Review:

    I was devastated to see my brand new $50 white cotton dress ruined after wearing it only once and having the red dye from the flower pattern bleed after hand washing it. I tried this product and like magic the pink stains were gone! Thank you so much for saving my dress!!!!

  19. Author:
    Title of Review:

    I just wanted to thank you so much for this wonderful product!! Late last night I finished a month-long knitting project. I left the item to soak so it could be blocked and when I returned all of the (considerably large) white areas were bright pink from the dye in the red yarn. In a panic, I went to the store to get those sheets/packets you can throw into the washer to catch dyes and happened to notice your product line for the first time. I also bought a box of Color Run Remover…just in case. After soaking my blanket with five of the packets, then running it through the wash with two of them…nothing had changed! I then used your product and it removed all of the dye from the white areas and left the red areas untouched! I can’t thank you enough for saving this project (and my sanity) for just a couple of dollars!! I am certainly going to spread the word about this knitter’s latest find!

  20. Author:
    Title of Review:

    Ok, I accidentally washed some of my FAVORITE white tops with my PINK skinny jeans and ended up with some NOT-SO favorite pink tops. Well I ran to the store looking for a different product but stumbled upon the Color Run Remover………THIS STUFF IS THE TRUTH!!!!!! I followed the directions EXACTLY and now I have my FAVORITE WHITE TOPS BACK!!!!! I thought all was lost but not the case!!!

    A million thanks!!!!! Who knew this MIRACLE existed?!?!?! I do and now all of my friends know too!!!!!!

  21. Author:
    Title of Review: May 18,2016

    I had a few blue marks from blue jeans that rubbed against my light gray jeans. I followed the directions exactly, but as soon as my gray jeans hit the water they turned mauve. They are ruined, not wearable!
    I’m so sorry I purchased this product!

  22. Author:
    Title of Review: May 23, 2016 Red Polo and Red Lacoste

    I love all of your products so, I was very excited to try for the first time the Color run Remover as I had washed dark colors and included these two red t-shirts and the black got all over these t-shirts in different areas. I tried it and it did not work the t-shirts are now from Red to Orange gold color then I rinsed them out and washed them with the light color clothing and used the Carbona color Grabber with Microfiber sheets 30 in a wash. Well at lease these to t-shirts are clean now. Do you guys have another product that would take these stains out? What do you recommend?
    Thank you,

  23. Author:
    Title of Review: ruined my pants

    It did not remove the stain at all but removed the original color. It turned my blue pants into brown. My pants were totally ruined.

  24. Author:
    Title of Review: December 5, 2016

    I never leave reviews, but this product is so fantastic I feel that I must. My daughter has a favorite pair of pink jeans that picked up blue streaks during laundring. I tried many different stain removers, but nothing touched the blue streaks. I just figured it was a lost cause so I threw away the jeans and ordered another pair. I was careful to wash the second pair alone and again, blue streaks. I think they are picking up the blue stains from the inside of my dryer. I found your color run remover today and thought I would give it a try. Cheaper than ordering a 3rd pair of pink jeans. I just took them out of the washer and I am AMAZED. The blue streaks are gone. Thank you very much for this product.

  25. Author:
    Title of Review: Didn't work for me

    I bought two packets and put them in the washer as directed on a hot wash and it did nothing. Maybe it only works on white clothes?

  26. Author:
    Title of Review: September 2017

    I had soaked some of my daughter’s stained clothing in Oxiclean in hopes of getting out some set in stains. It successfully removed the stains but unfortunately, the dye from a pair of red shorts turned a couple of her white shirts and a white sock pink. A thorough rinse and wash didn’t remove the pink. So, I thought I would give the Carbona Color Run Remover a try. I followed the instructions for hand washing the garments, but the shirts and sock are still pink. I’m quite disappointed that I wasted my money on this product.

  27. Author:
    Title of Review: Color Run Remover

    Only 5 star reviews are published so it will be a miracle if they publish this review.
    This product ruined my Ralph Lauren Sweater even after testing for colorfastness. The company was unsympathetic and customer service is rude. Do not use this product on colored garments. Bad product and bad company!

  28. Author:
    Title of Review: It really works!

    My daughters expensive light-colored sweatshirt was accidentally washed with a red item. Needless to say, she was devastated and thought it was ruined. I used Carbona Color Run Remover as directed and it worked perfectly! No sign of the red anywhere! I highly recommend this product.

  29. Author:
    Title of Review: Time and money down the drain

    This was a last ditch effort to remove red color run on some white clothing. The product did nothing! Sorry I wasted my time and money on this product.

  30. Author:
    Title of Review: I’m so angry i used this

    I didn’t even want to give it one star. On top of ruining four pairs of my jeans that i hadn’t even had the chance to wear yet and 5 shirts, it didn’t even get the stains out!!! I’m so mad

  31. Author:
    Title of Review: RUINED MY SWEATER

    Don’t buy this stuff. It is like bleach! My colorfast sweater was ruined! Hopefully, this will save your favorite sweater!

  32. Author:
    Title of Review: Followed the instructions for three items, worked like a charm

    My kid had three of her white shirts turn pink after not separating her colorful clothes. I tried, many on-line suggestions (white vinegar, non-chlorine bleach) with no success. Gave this product a try as a last-ditch effort. Used the hand wash method, and it worked like a charm – shirts are all back to white in two minutes. Lifesaver.

  33. Author:
    Title of Review: Doesn't work

    Dish towels washed with red linen napkins.
    Exactly the same after treatment. Wasted time and $

  34. Author:
    Title of Review: Life Saver

    My daughter’s white soccer jersey and shorts came out of the drier with blue all over it. The jersey is custom and takes 6 weeks to replace so that wasn’t an option. I found Carbona Run Remover and gave it a try. I couldn’t believe the results. All the blue that had bled onto the white was gone. I couldnt believe it came out, even after being dried!! Its a life saver!

  35. Author:
    Title of Review: Used product to remove pink only to make the shirt hot pink

    So hmm bought this product to remove the light pink tint only to have this product turn it a hot pink. Any ideas what would have caused this?

  36. Author:
    Title of Review: Works Great

    this product just saved my $70 pair of shorts. Black dye bled into a pair of off white shorts leaving uneven dye marks. after one application of Cor Run Remover the stains were gone. Would highly recommend this product!

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