Stain Devils® #4 – Blood, Dairy & Ice Cream


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Your day simply cannot be ruined from dairy, egg, or blood stains. Why? Because they won’t be stains for long when you use Stain Devils #4!

Stain Devils®  #4 removes: Baby Formula, Blood, Dairy Products, Eggs, Egg White, Milk, Ice Cream, and Yogurt.

Product Size - 1.7 Fl Oz (50 mL)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Carbona® Stain Devils® be used in the washing machine?

    Stain Devils are not a pre-wash. For best results, you need to treat each stain completely, before laundering and drying.

  2. Can I use Carbona® Stain Devils® on carpeting?

    Carbona® Stain Devils® have not been tested for use on carpeting. However, we have had many consumers use them on their carpeting with great success. Doing so is at your own discretion.

  3. Will the formula for ink remove permanent ink?

    Permanent ink is permanent. Unfortunately, the stain is there forever.

  4. Why do I need to put a cloth under the stain?

    Stains can spread while being treated, so you need somewhere for the stain to go when you remove it from the material you are treating.

  5. What if I can't put a cloth behind the stain or put the stained area in a bowl?

    For best results we recommend that you follow the directions on the bottle. However, as a last resort, you may try dabbing the material with a white cloth soaked with the formula then pat dry. Repeating process as necessary until stain is gone.

  6. Why do I need to flush the stain with hot water after treating it with Carbona® Stain Devils®?

    You need to rinse out the formula because if you let the stained area dry out without rinsing, the stain can reappear. The hotter the water, the faster the stain removal process.

  7. Will Carbona® Stain Devils® also remove the odor (like perspiration)?

    Carbona® Stain Devils® are formulated for removing stains. Follow with regular laundering to remove odors.


Stain Removal Tips

    • Always test for colorfastness before using Stain Devils®.
    • Need help? Go to the Conquer Your Stain.
    • Not sure which Stain Devils® to use? Download our Stain Chart.

    No two stains are the same, so an all-purpose stain remover isn’t the answer to treating them. That’s why we created Carbona® Stain Devils® – 9 powerful formulas that treat specific stains. Stain Devils are safe and effective on washable and water-safe fabrics, excluding silk, acetate, carpeting, or upholstery. Every formula is dermatologically tested to be safe for your hands and environmentally friendly for disposal.

    Look for the little yellow bottles of Carbona® Stain Devils® in the laundry section of your store. View all of the Stain Devils here.

  1. Use the formula that’s right for your stain. Follow the directions.

  2. Because Stain Devils are individually formulated, stain removal instructions may change from formula to formula. Follow the directions printed on the label of the bottle you are using.

  3. Some are instant, some aren’t. Be patient. While the appropriate Stain Devils formula should completely remove your stain, the time required may vary from immediately to several minutes or more.

  4. Combination stains. This can make stain removal a bit more complicated and may require more than one Stain Devils formula to remove it completely. But if you value your garment, it’s worth the extra time.


    Spot remover for washable and dry clean only fabrics.

    Just 3 easy steps to stain removal:

    1. Before treating, remove as much of the cause of the stain as possible.
    2. Do not dilute. Place an absorbent white cloth beneath stain. Apply solution directly to stain. Tap stain with your finger, pushing it onto the cloth beneath it.
    3. Rinse with warm water.

    In shallow bowl, immerse stained area in solution. Soak for 10-15 minutes. Gently rub fabric together and rinse with warm water. Repeat steps with fresh solution and longer soaking time, if necessary.


    Before use, test for colorfastness on an inconspicuous area.

Reviews (9)


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    If you have children like mine, they can’t keep their fingers off a scab. Picked scabs means blood stains on clothes – and Stain Devil #4 works beautifully to remove them. I’m a chemist so I understand the principle behind Stain Devils and in our home we handle our toughest stains with these. I’ve had varying degrees of success with some of the others but #4 gets an A++ in my book.

  2. Author:
    Title of Review:

    I restore and sell vintage linens. Lucky for me, I discovered Carbona Stain Devils several years ago, and they have saved many beautiful old pieces! I can always count on protein stains to DISAPPEAR with SD#4. I’m a happy customer!

  3. Author:
    Title of Review:

    I LOVE this SD! But I purchassed in Oregon at my local grocer, but in the LA area, I have not been able to find anywhere. I have tried all the stores listed in the store locator, so I am resorting to paying the crazy shipping charges on this site, just so I can get my fix!

  4. Author:
    Title of Review:

    I am a long time customer and fan of Stain Devils. The more and more I make use of these stain removers, the more I just love them, which is what compelled me to write.

    In an age when so many products do not live up to their advertising claims, your Stain Devils products not only live up to, but far exceed them. I can’t begin to tell you the number of clothing pieces that have been saved with your products. They are amazing and each type performs just perfectly for the types of stains they are listed for. I have used a number of the Stain Devils, but I always, always keep Stain Devils 1, 4, and 5 on hand. In fact my son thinks I am the stain remover guru. I hate to lose my place on the pedestal he has placed me on, but I am going to have to come clean (no pun intended) and let him know my secret.

    Keep up the great work! You have one satisfied customer here and I know my family and I will continue to be for years to come. Thank you for your time.

  5. Author:
    Title of Review:

    I just removed 1-day old blood stains from a brand new $70 100% cotton white shirt from Express. Worked like magic!!! I couldn’t be happier!!! I thought I had ruined a $70 shirt but now it is as good as new!!!

  6. Author:
    Title of Review:

    I have used these for years; could only find them in my local fabric store, which no longer carries this type of product in general. I heavily use most–this one in particular is essential to keeping my clothes unstained

  7. Author:
    Title of Review: Saved the cruise shirts!

    On the way home from a cruise, my four-month-old grandson spit up all over my new cruise t-shirt. I forgot about it until the shirt was washed and dried, and I noticed the stains all over the front. I tried Carbona #5 and it lightened the stains, but they were still quite visible. I called Carbona, and while the girl warned me that the stains were probably set since the shirt had been put in the dryer, she recommended #4 for dairy stains. It turns out my husband’s cruise shirt also had spit-up stains (after being washed and dried), but two applications of #4 removed the stains from both shirts. So relieved!!! I have recommended Cabona #4 to our grandson’s parents!

  8. Author:
    Title of Review: good for blood thinners

    it has been very good for people on blood thinners who bleed so easily and long lasting, get blood on clothes and bedding. have to treat it soon and sometimes a few times but it really has helped so long as not so much blood the cost of the cleaner is too much and so then buy new item. good niche market to advertise to; hey a senior citizen discount would be good: market to people on blood thinners and discount if they show they are on them, and that could work, put ad in hospitals or such, coupons. (this stuff is expensive).

  9. Author:
    Title of Review: I love this product!

    I have six kids and lots of boo-boos that involve blood; menstrual period accidents, psoriasis that causes my skin to bleed, etc. I have used this product for years and it works like magic. I buy several bottles at a time to keep stocked up.

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