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Whether your coffee, wine, or juice spill happened by accident or was the result of a tiny bit of clumsiness, treat the stain with Stain Devils #8!

Stain Devils®  #8 removes: Removes Baby Food, Coffee, Cola, Fruit/Fruit Juice, Iodine, Jams/Jellies, Maple Syrup, Mold/Mildew, Nicotine, Perfume, Red Wine, Self Tanner, Urine, Vegetables, and Vomit.

Product Size - 1.7 Fl Oz (50 mL)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Carbona® Stain Devils® be used in the washing machine?

    Stain Devils are not a pre-wash. For best results, you need to treat each stain completely, before laundering and drying.

  2. Can I use Carbona® Stain Devils® on carpeting?

    Carbona® Stain Devils® have not been tested for use on carpeting. However, we have had many consumers use them on their carpeting with great success. Doing so is at your own discretion.

  3. Will the formula for ink remove permanent ink?

    Permanent ink is permanent. Unfortunately, the stain is there forever.

  4. Why do I need to put a cloth under the stain?

    Stains can spread while being treated, so you need somewhere for the stain to go when you remove it from the material you are treating.

  5. What if I can't put a cloth behind the stain or put the stained area in a bowl?

    For best results we recommend that you follow the directions on the bottle. However, as a last resort, you may try dabbing the material with a white cloth soaked with the formula then pat dry. Repeating process as necessary until stain is gone.

  6. Why do I need to flush the stain with hot water after treating it with Carbona® Stain Devils®?

    You need to rinse out the formula because if you let the stained area dry out without rinsing, the stain can reappear. The hotter the water, the faster the stain removal process.

  7. Will Carbona® Stain Devils® also remove the odor (like perspiration)?

    Carbona® Stain Devils® are formulated for removing stains. Follow with regular laundering to remove odors.


Stain Removal Tips

  1. No two stains are the same, so an all-purpose stain remover isn’t the answer to treating them. That’s why we created Carbona® Stain Devils® – 9 powerful formulas that treat specific stains. Stain Devils are safe and effective on washable and water-safe fabrics, excluding silk, acetate, carpeting, or upholstery. Every formula is dermatologically tested to be safe for your hands and environmentally friendly for disposal.

    Look for the little yellow bottles of Carbona® Stain Devils® in the laundry section of your store. View all of the Stain Devils here.

  2. Use the formula that’s right for your stain. Follow the directions.

  3. Because Stain Devils are individually formulated, stain removal instructions may change from formula to formula. Follow the directions printed on the label of the bottle you are using.

  4. Some are instant, some aren’t. Be patient. While the appropriate Stain Devils formula should completely remove your stain, the time required may vary from immediately to several minutes or more.

  5. Combination stains. This can make stain removal a bit more complicated and may require more than one Stain Devils formula to remove it completely. But if you value your garment, it’s worth the extra time.

  6. Directions

    Spot remover for washable and dry clean only fabrics.

    Just 3 easy steps to stain removal:

    1. Before treating, remove as much of the cause of the stain as possible.
    2. Do not dilute. Place an absorbent white cloth beneath stain. Apply solution directly to stain. Tap stain with your finger, pushing it onto the cloth beneath it.
    3. Rinse with warm water.
  7. For Large Stains

    In shallow bowl, immerse stained area in solution. Soak for 10-15 minutes. Gently rub fabric together and rinse with warm water. Repeat steps with fresh solution and longer soaking time, if necessary.


    Before use, test for colorfastness on an inconspicuous area.

Reviews (14)


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    I received a free sample of this Stain Devils product a few months ago, and didn’t think much of it. Little did I know what was in store for me! My 9-month-old decided to spit up his lunch (which contained blueberries) all over our down comforter. There were huge splotches of dark blue everywhere. I used my free sample (Stain Devils #8) and it’s like it never happened! What a fantastic product! I’ve since used it on baby food stains and it works great for those as well. Definitely recommend!

  2. Author:
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    Many success stories with SD #8 at my house! DH wiped his fresh strawberry-stained hands on a vintage white dish cloth – stains gone! … Guest spilled a full cup of coffee all over a vintage tablecloth, and I couldn’t wash it for several hours — stain gone! … Vintage tablecloth that appeared to have an OLD stain of coffee or tea was bought from a thrift store … stain gone! SUCCESS with Carbona products is the reason I use them in my home AND in my vintage linen restoration business. Thanks Carbona!

  3. Author:
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    Just to say how SUPER impressed I am with your line of laundry stain removers. I just got dried in red wine out of my white sweater. No one believed it would work, but I had faith. I’ve washed and dried a red wine stain, then tried your product and it took it out! Amazing!!! So glad you are there on store shelves!!!

  4. Author:
    Title of Review:

    These are such great products. I had a fruit stain on a blouse and had tried every treatment under the sun. The stain was still faintly visible, but a couple of treatments with Stain Devil 8 has made it vanish. I also had occasion to try SD 2 last night on a chocolate stain and it worked great! Your products are TOP quality!

  5. Author:
    Title of Review:

    I would just like to take the time to thank you on your product. Seriously, I spilled red wine on my bday dress and it got the stains out immediately after 30 minutes of soaking. It saved the day 🙂 I definitely recommend your product to everyone I know. Please keep up the good work, it means a lot to people, especially me.

  6. Author:
    Title of Review:

    Spilled a whole glass of red wine on my white couch and tried every other remover and nothing worked. I found Stain Devil #8 and figured one last try. It worked and I could not be happier!! I will try all the S.D. products and tell my friends! Thanks.

  7. Author:
    Title of Review:

    I have always used Carbona stain removers..and I really put them to the test this morning…I noticed spilled beet juice on my Easter tablecloth. I didnt notice it yesterday, so I thought the tablecloth was done for. But I used the red wine one, I forget its number and I cant believe it got it out COMPLETELY! Even after drying out a full day. You guys have saved me so much money in clothing and other things by getting out the tough stains…I love you!!!!

  8. Author:
    Title of Review:

    If ever anyone needed a wine stain remover this is the absolute go to product! Friends of mine own a liquor store and I asked them to carry this item in their store because it works absolute wonders on red wine stains! I have tried everything and on a lark purchased this product (not thinking ot would work) much to my amazement… FANTASTIC! I would order a case if I could.

  9. Author:
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    split a full glass of wine all over the bottom of my new white linen curtains, next morning went to grocery for carbona stain remover, once applied the stain immediately disappeared without any rubbing at all!!!

  10. Author:
    Title of Review:

    Spilled an entire glass of Burgandy Wine on 2 cream colored zebra print dinning room chairs. The entire seat of both chairs were covered. As I washed them with Shout the color turned from Red to Purple to Blue. I was sick! I spent $2 on this product, followed the directions, and when I looked at the chairs this morning the stains were entirely gone. This product is AMAZING!!

  11. Author:
    Title of Review: June 30, 2016 Not as Effective as Expected

    I have successfully used other products in this line so my expectations for #8 were very high. I am disappointed. First, it is a granule and must be dissolved, rather than a premixed liquid. 2nd, though I soaked a small portion of the stain on a large comforter for 1HR+, I was left with a shadow of the stain that did not wash out. Before I bought this, I treated another part of the stain with my oxi laundry detergent booster mixed with water, and though not 100% pleased with the results, it actually worked better than #8 Stain Devil at a much lower cost.

  12. Author:
    Title of Review: Fabulous!

    I wish I could send pictures. Had an entire glass of red wine dumped on my WHITE pants at 8:pm. Used #8 at noon the next day after stain had dried all night. It’s all GONE!!

  13. Author:
    Title of Review: Winning again

    I recieved this free sample after winning it in a contest and let me tell you, I need to buy in bulk. It has removed horrible raspberry stains from our carpet and our white stuffed animals on many occasions! Must have product for sure.

  14. Author:
    Title of Review: The stuff of miracles!

    I originally bought this to try on my husband’s shirts- he loves red wine and is constantly staining his clothes. This stain eraser has worked perfectly on all those stains and saved lots of shirts. Yesterday, he covered some leftover blueberry cobbler with one of our good napkins, dropping one edge of it into the dish to soak in blueberry juice overnight. I thought it was beyond hope, but tried #8 and the stain completely disappeared- it’s a miracle!

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