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Fun fact: This product has been tested and approved by SCHOTT CERAN®, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of ceramic cooktops! Use it to keep your cooktop clean!

Product Size - 16.8 Fl Oz (500 mL)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does your product contain an abrasive?

    No, our product is safe for everyday use. It has been tested and approved by SCHOTT CERAN®, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of ceramic cooktops. Makes keeping your cooktop and appliances clean and simple. Can be used on all major cooktop brands.

  2. I have to remove burnt-on food. Will your product remove these particles?

    Yes, you may also need to use our Glass Ceramic Cooktop Scraper if you have a large area to clean.

  3. Can I use this product everyday?

    Yes, this product is safe for everyday use.


Stain Removal Tips

  1. SAFE FOR DAILY USE. Cleaning your cooktop regularly helps create a protective coating, which helps prevent scratches and abrasions.

Reviews (5)


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    I use the Ceramic Cooktop Clean & Shine and it is wonderful!!!!! It leaves my stove looking pristine! Just love it!

  2. Author:
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    I bought this product because Carbona carpet cleaner was the best I’ve ever used. The clean and shine product is the complete opposite! I sprayed and let it sit for 60 seconds and all I had was a streaky mess! I do not recommend this product, needs to go back to the drawing board!

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    This product has SAVED me from having to purchase a new cooktop. In 6 years, I tried every product I could find (even those recommended by the appliance store) and was so frustrated spending time scrubbing every day. Even though I enjoy cooking, it got so I hated to cook knowing the work I was going to have to do to clean up afterwards. Thank you, Carbona!

  4. Author:
    Title of Review: Disappointed!

    This product is useless. Might as well use just a wet sponge! I have to find a different use for it, as I bought the extra large size since their other products work well. I agree with Michelle Troup (above).

  5. Author:
    Title of Review: The only ceramic cooktop cleaner I will use

    I’ve been using Carbona Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner for years (and just ordered enough to last at least three more years). I’ve used other cleaners (CeramaBryte, for example) that were slow to remove and didn’t clean as well. Carbona works great on grease and removes easily. I spread on some Carbona and use a razor blade to scrape off burned on stuff on the heating elements. It takes a couple of paper towels to remove completely, but that is a third of what I had to use with other cleaners. Love this stuff. Please keep making it.

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