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Carbona® Color Grabber™ protects laundry from color runs or bleeds.  By absorbing loose dyes in the water, Color Grabber does more than maintain your laundry’s true hues – it lets you wash mixed colors with confidence. Use in front- or top-load washing machines.

  • Prevents color run accidents
  • Protects colors so clothes look new longer

Product Size - 30 In-Wash Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many Microfiber sheets do I need to use for a full wash load?

    For larger loads use 2 to 3 sheets. Do not overload washer, as it will restrict the Color Grabber’s ability to move freely through wash and absorb maximum dye.

  2. Can I use bleach?

    Yes, bleach will not affect the Color Grabber™ with Microfiber.

  3. I prefer to separate my laundry, light colors, dark colors and whites? Can I still use the Color Grabber™ with Microfiber?

    Even when separating your clothes, dyes bleed during the wash cycle leaving your laundry looking dull or dingy. This dinginess is most noticeable with whites making them look grey. Color Grabber™ with Microfiber will absorb loose dye and grime keeping your wash water cleaner, which means your clothes will be brighter and look new longer.


Stain Removal Tips

  1. In a HURRY? Now you can wash colors and whites together with Carbona Color Grabber™ with Microfiber – no more pink underwear, and SAVE ENERGY – SAVE TIME – SAVE MONEY!

  2. New colored clothes should always be washed separately up to 5 times, as excessive dye may be released

  3. When using a front loading washing machine, place Color Grabber with Microfiber in a mesh bag as recommended by machine manufacturer for small items to prevent from clogging in the water pump.

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    I have used these for years, use to be able to buy them in our grocery stores until they started selling Shout which IMHO are worthless! I had stocked up on the Carbona cloths while they were still available. Now I am down to one box and was panicking, decided to check and see if I could buy them online; thank you Carbona for selling them online! These cloths save time and money as I can put all the colored clothes in the washer together with no fear of bleeding color. (I do darks separate) I even use one in with my whites as it collects dirt and leaves them much whiter than without using them. These are truly miracle cloths!

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    I have always been a big fan of the Carbona Stain Devils. So much so that I ALWAYS make certain I have every number available, even some duplicates. (except #1 which I have never seen). I grabbed with confidence the *New Color and Dirt Grabber by Carbona. It states that it would work for 30 washes. For my first use I picked a semi-dirty small blanket (multiple colors-it HAS been washed before) and two small throw rugs. I threw in the color catcher by Carbona (just in case) and washed them in cold water. When the cycle ended and I pulled the blanket and throw rugs out I was MORTIFIED to find that the throw rugs were now BLUE! The blanket had some blue in it, as well as red, white and a few other colors. The white on the blanket looked bluer and the rugs are absolutely ruined.
    Fortunately, one rug was just a dirt rug by the door. However, I also had thrown in one of my mothers favorite off white, yellow, pink, greenish kitchen rug. It is now forever blue!! I have tried washing it by itself, nothing is getting it out. ALL of these items HAVE been washed with the same detergent before. It almost seems as though the grabber made it worse. I am terribly disappointed with this product which claims “WASH MIXED COLORS WITH CONFIDENCE”. I will never use this product again, and though I am upset with the company for this, I will continue to purchase the Stain Devils which have proven effective over the years. Please read this and use this product with extreme caution.

    Manufacturers Comments – Please do not use on carpeting. This product is intended for use on fabrics only.

  3. Author:
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    I agree with Mimi Madox above – Carbona cloths are THE BEST at dye catching, as well as the best VALUE! I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve pulled out a cloth and was completely flabbergasted at how much it picked up, even from clothes that have been regularly washed before! Can’t do laundry without them! THANK YOU CARBONA!!!

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    I cannot say enough about your color grabber. I usually purchase the Shout (I think it was) and decided to purchase two of your Color Grabbers and I LOVE THEM!!!!!

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    I am so happy with this product compared to the “others” that are on the market, I have found the Carbona brand far superior. I am constantly telling everybody about these and how good they work. There are a lot of people out there who are “non-believers”. I could not wait to show my kids after the laundry was done how they worked like magic and even my husband was amazed! We even did the white towel with a couple of red shirts, and sure enough…….magic 🙂

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    Please, let Walmart in on the secret. For some reason, they think that Carbona color and dirt grabber belongs in the craft dept. ! Carbona is hands above anything else on the market. Thank you so much for a product that really lives up to what it says it will do.

  7. Author:
    Title of Review: Don't buy see this

    Colors ran even in cold wash. Very disappointing

  8. Author:
    Title of Review: Color Grabber Works

    The Color Grabber sure works, I use it with any laundry load to keep my colors from running. It’s wonderful to see it becoming more popular in stores. For a while I ordered it on line. I agree with Mary Coleman above.

  9. Author:
    Title of Review: The Bomb.Com!

    These things are great ESPECIALLY if your a busy Mom, and your trying to save time. I received a sample of these from, and I was so impressed that they kept the colors from transferring. Needless to say, I will be a customer for life!

  10. Author:
    Title of Review: Works Perfectly!!!!

    I was able to receive The Color Grabber as a sample from a few months ago & couldn’t wait to try it out. I had just bought some new clothes & was in a rush to get them washed. I had a mixture of light & dark clothes. I threw in 2 of the Color Grabbers with my load & felt very confident they would work. Boy was I right. The work exactly as described & there were no dark spots on any of my light clothes; it grabbed all of the dye from my jeans & nothing transferred onto my lighter clothes. I was even impressed with my older clothes, when I threw one it on how much it still picked up. I never wash without at least one of the Color Grabbers in my load.

  11. Author:
    Title of Review: Skeptic turned believer

    Long story short– my toddler has Impetigo and all his bedding has to be washed in hot water. That’s a problem for the very special quilt I made him. It’s got dark red, black, grey…and white squares. With an all white back. Momma clearly didn’t think it through…but it IS beautiful. The first time I washed it, I accidentally selected to wash in warm and I had pink EVERYWHERE. I had to use SO much stain remover on the back and ended up giving up on the smaller amount of pink on the white patches. Fast forward to now. I bought these sheets in hopes his blanket wouldn’t get totally ruined when washed in hot. I wish I could post pictures! I used 2 sheets to be safe, and they came out a dark purple color. Not only did no colors bleed, but the colors that bled last time that were leftover CAME OUT. I’ll be adding these to our regular routine for sure!

  12. Author:
    Title of Review: Fantastic!

    Have used these sheets and the Shout ones. I prefer these! I have used them with clothes that have been washed many times and there is still dye that bleeds. I would not like to use any other washer sheet.

  13. Author:
    Title of Review: Nope

    No the colored clothing was not died, nor was it new, nor was it a high believe fabric… The product absolutely positively did not come close to working I am now bleaching a white cotton T-shirt a white bra and a white cotton poly tank in hopes that the Blue will come out of it

  14. Author:
    Title of Review: Nope

    No the colored clothing was not died, nor was it new, nor was it a high believe fabric… The washer was not overloaded and I use three sheets for six or seven pieces of clothing…The product absolutely positively did not come close to working I am now bleaching a white cotton T-shirt a white bra and a white cotton poly tank in hopes that the Blue will come out of it.

  15. Author:
    Title of Review: Love this product

    I once spilled an entire cup of coffee on my light-colored rug. I threw it in the wash with a sheet, and all the coffee came out! I noticed that it used to be called Color & Dirt Grabber and now the word Dirt has been removed, but I think it would still work again because it removed the coffee’s color.

    THANK YOU, Carbona, for making this product fragrance-free. I couldn’t use it otherwise.

    I wonder if the reviewers who had color run used liquid fabric softener, which this site warns does not allow the sheet to be effective.

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