Stainless Steel Pro-Care – 1.35 OZ (German Packaging)


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NOTE: Due to high demand we are offering the Pro-Care formula in German Packaging.

PRODUCT SIZE – 1.35 FL OZ (40 mL)


Do I spray the Pro-Care directly onto the stainless surface? 

You can, but it is recommended that you apply it to a soft cloth and then wipe the stainless surface evenly. You only need 3-4 sprays to protect to the average size refrigerator.

Once I apply the Pro-Care, will this keep fingerprints from appearing on the surface.

For the most part, yes; however, anytime you see some marks or dirt, just get the soft cloth and wipe the surface back to a clean appearance.

How often should I apply?

This depends on the amount of activity in your kitchen, but a good rule of thumb would be once per week.

Is this a Stainless Steel Cleaner?

No, you need to use Carbona® Stainless Steel Cleaner to remove grease, dirt and fingerprints before applying. This product will then protect your surface making it easier to keep your surface perfectly clean!

I have a Stainless BBQ Grill. Can I use the pro-care on my grill?

Yes, our unique pro-care formula will help  protect your grill from the outdoor elements. It will repel water and help keep your grill looking like new.


  • Following the treatment, fingerprints and watermarks can be easily wiped away with a soft cloth.


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  1. Author:
    Title of Review: It really gets the Stainless Steel Bling back!

    Stainless steel seems to streak a lot because as you clean it with any product the oxidation on the surface is removed and it then re-oxidizes. It then it looks like streaks because the oxidation is different next to the area that had its original oxidation.
    You do need to use the stainless steel cleaner but to get the shine and luster back you must use this product. With a paper towel you make about a 2 inch square pad and squirt some product on the towel. Lay it on the surface in the direction of the grain. Very little product goes a long way, this is way the bottle is very small. After the towel is saturated after a few sprays do not add additional product. No more than three or four pumps with the spray nozzle is needed for a refrigerator. You can then goes right to the next appliance and maybe one or two pumps of the nozzle would be needed. You’ll notice that the pad is drying out as you use the product. I usually follow up with a dry microfiber towel to remove any excess product and to buff it up.
    The English packaging does stated the product is made in Germany. This is my second bottle to be ordered and it really works. You can use it on any stainless steel product such as dishwashers, ranges and microwaves.

  2. Author:
    Title of Review: finally

    Great product and this is the only thing I use on my stainless steel appliances. I have tried about 30 products and nothing compares to it. It’s pricey but soo worth it!!!

  3. Author:
    Title of Review: AMAZING PRODUCT

    I wish i would have found this product sooner, it may have save a shoulder replacement. I was overwhelmed at cleaning a kitchen full of stainless steel applicances. In fact, I hated them due to the upkeep. Then I found this product. It saved me. No intensive rubbing or buffing till your arm hurts. Put put it on, like it says. Any finger prints or smears after that can be wiped off easily with a micro fiber cloth. I love you Carbona!!

  4. Author:
    Title of Review: Can’t thank you enough for making this product..

    I can’t believe that I have found you again… My stainless steel dishwasher was a mess with water spills/streaks.,I tried every cleaner out there & nothing took care of the problem. I honestly wanted to scream out loud because I was so frustrated, even embarrassed !! I found your product again & I can’t tell you how happy I was.. It comes out shining beautifully & no more streaks to be seen.. Please do not stop making this product..So if anyone out there is frustrated after trying cleaner after cleaner, try this one time & I promise you it comes out gorgeous !!

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