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Teach Ink and Marker Stains a Lesson

Cleaning Tips

Back to School Stain Removal

Your child’s art belongs on your fridge, not on their clothes. Carbona Stain Devils® #3 is specially formulated to remove ink, marker, and crayon stains, so you can keep their back-to-school wardrobe stain-free all year long.


Ink, Marker, Crayon stain remover

Erasing Ink, Marker & Crayon Stains is Easy as 1-2-3



Place paper towel or absorbent white cloth beneath the stain, and moisten the stain with Stain Devils® #3.

Firmly tap or dab the stain
with your finger or a dry cloth.

Rinse with warm water,
or wash fabric as normal.

Did we mention Stain Devils® is a favorite of cleaning expert Melissa Maker of “Clean My Space”?

Check out her YouTube channel for more Carbona cleaning tips!

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