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Stain removal made Real Simple


Paris is considered one the fashion capitals of the world, so it’s no surprise the French know a thing or two about doing laundry. Their secret for removing any type of stain? Don’t try to use one stain remover to tackle every type of mess!

“Grass stains are not the same problem as ballpoint pen ink, and olive oil is utterly different on a silk blouse than coffee,” writes author Danielle Postel-Vinay in a recent article on lifestyle website Real Simple.

“How could one expect to remove all these different stains with the same chemical?” she asks.

The answer:
You can’t. But as Real Simple points out, Carbona offers hope for living an unstained life.

Each of our Stain Devils is created according to the chemical composition of the stain it targets. The complete set includes 9 specialized stain removers that work on everything from ink to nail polish to pasta sauce (to, yes, even blood).

So while they may not beat a vacation to the French countryside, Stain Devils can bring out your inner Parisian fashionista!

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